Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bas Ek Pal

At a time when all of us are going crazy with JOK/SOK [Love all the songs ;)], Bas Ek Pal has come - Not many must have noticed the album - as it has an assorted list of Music directors. The movie is directed by Onir - his directorial debut was My Brother Nikhil - A very beautiful and touching movie. In the lines of Philadelphia it showed how AIDS was/is potrayed as a stigma in Indian society.

Bas Ek Pal boasts some excellent music - Tere Bina, Bas Ek Pal, Dheemey Dheemey are my favorites. Check out the songs at :


If you guys need a translation of the songs - I would be happy to do that too :)


Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

brother - I listened to the songs - they were good :)..

listen to this song by IR in his new film Shiva..sounds very southish but good :)


09 August, 2006 09:24  
Blogger Preethi said...

Hi Aatma,

Welcome back...Haven't heard "Bas Ek Pal" songs yet. Will definitely listen to them soon. And like u said, I am completely hooked on to SOK songs. BTW, Good to see you back!

09 August, 2006 20:06  
Blogger Jeevan said...

i cant hear any songs online, that'a computer i have. i was fall in the JOK songs:)

09 August, 2006 23:49  
Blogger Aatma said...

Hey arjuna Listened to Shiva songs - All old IR songs - Idhayathe Thirudade and others :)

10 August, 2006 22:50  
Blogger Aatma said...

Hi Preethi, thanks and will try to keep blogging :) Thanks for remembering and coming to the blog

10 August, 2006 22:51  
Blogger Rani said...

Hey there...just came accross your site. I love the songs from Bas Ek Pal! If you have the time to translate them it would be much appreciated.:)

05 September, 2006 19:43  
Blogger suj said...

I was wondering could please translate the lyrics of
bas ek pal - tere bin main yoon kaise jiya
in english.

Its for my g/f, she loves that song soo much so i want to get it translated for her.
Would really appreciate it.
Thank you so much

My email address is suj_2000@hotmail.com

29 May, 2007 07:34  
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