Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Plan to make License Plate Chipped

Plan in on move to create high tech license place a.k.a adding a chip to your license plate with all your registeration information, so that one is able to read this information using radio frequency identification, or RFID, tags to make vehicles electronically trackable. Presently this system is being tried out in Britian but US is keeping a close watch on the proceedings as they are keen to use this technology.

Imagine first we had cameras - now this - Cops don't even have to get down - all they have to do is get your information and in comes the letter - Boss u were speeding or u just broke the lights ;)

If only we can use this concept in India plus not give the power of giving tickets to cops - we can abolish corruption, I know [not critizing our people] any corrupt person will find a way but still it can be a great tool to use.

Definately there are pros and cons -- Read more about it


Blogger Ram.C said...

definitely, this will improve the road discipline and the administration.

09 August, 2005 22:02  
Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Yeah - I too agree with this concept!

10 August, 2005 12:44  
Blogger Narayanan Venkitu said...

Very interesing concept, I welcome it. It can be put to uses in several places, one of which affected me a couple years back...Lost luggage on my way back at Chicago Airport.! With RFIds. these can be handled easily.

And ofcourse, Traffic etc. Very nice concept. I love it.

But..But...we'll know how to break it..!! I bet we will if implemented...!!

10 August, 2005 17:42  

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