Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Quiet American by Graham Greene

Just finished reading the book. This is the first book I have read from the author. I had seen the last scene of the movie and immediately decided to read the book. I have always enjoyed reading than watching. Invariably movie always messes up. As expected the book was a great read. It is about an Old english reporter and his time during the Vietnam War. Before you'll jump to any conclusions, No it is not about Vietnam War and yet poignantly touches about how all the big nations in their attempt to help [or as they claim to] - screwed it up for those simple people. It is a story of a man, his desperation, his sense of morality, the war through his eyes, his attempts to not care and finally to not take any sides.

"I thought you don't take any sides, Mr Fowler"

"Sooner or later" Heng said, and I was reminded of Captain Trouin speaking in the opium House, "one has to take sides. If one is to remain human."

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Reading others Blogs

As i have told before, I am new to blogging. There is this new enthusiasm to write, to let people know whats going on around me and what i feel about it. So whatever I look at I am trying to think what i can write about it. Suddenly I feel a sense of happiness and sadness, happiness because atleast now i am trying to reach out to the world and try to do something different from a regular mundane life And sadness because when i read all the other people's blog, I feel as if there is a lot of emptiness in me, that there is a lot that i should do but still don't do anything.

Life is so short, we need to do something, before that day comes when we tell " Oh I should have done that "

Friday, July 29, 2005

Memories - Nybangal

My very first blog, so racked my brains to think of a right name, a name that will make people remember the blog. Frankly speaking couldn't think of any. But there was this one thread of thought running through my head - Memories.

Good or Bad - Memories are very important for us - to me it defines who we are and what we are, who we could have been and how we feel about ourself at the present moment.

Let me share with you my very first memory(out of the blue - sitting at my office desk, taking myself back in time - what is that very first thing that i can remember about)

My first house(Telephone colony,Mahim, Mumbai) Age - 3 or 4 years old. A single bed room apartment, no attached bathroom. So as a kid, I used to have bath in a small area in the kitchen.
Good enough for me :)

#2) we didn't have 24 hours water supply, so every evening we had to wait for the muncipalty to start the water supply. I remember that our watchman never being in his senses, so my mother and a bunch of her friends shouting "Barf, ohhh Barf, Paani Shuru karo" Yes his name was Barf(means Ice in Hindi), don't know how he got the name, but quite distinctly remember his name, think about hearing this name every evening till i was 7 0r 8 :)

#3) Sundays - Best day as a kid, Get up in the morning, watch some cartoon shows on Doordarshan, go out and play. In the evening Dad used to take us out to Shivaji park, play in the sand, then have nice pani poori, then a excellent dinner at either Preetam or Nillam Restaurant. This is one of my most beautiful memory.

And there are many more - But this is my first set of memory - the very first things that i can remember.

So people if u want to comment on this blog, please tell your very first memory. Lets make my first blog a memorable one.